Where to Buy SenTech Products

SenTech Corporation's "Customer First" policy is to sell our product Factory-Direct at all levels of distribution. We sell our monitors to our Authorized Distributors, Wholesale Distributors, Equipment Suppliers, Contractors and End Users at established prices for each level of distribution.

SenTech recognizes that business is built on relationships, and that many customers prefer to purchase locally through established business accounts. For customers that prefer to purchase our product through a Local Reseller, we have a Directory of Suppliers organized by State. Note: All companies listed in our Directory of Suppliers establish pricing independently.

Please feel free to purchase SenTech Products through either source.

We also provide factory direct technical sales support to all levels of distribution, regardless of what supply channel is used. "We don't care how the blue box gets on the wall, but we do want to make sure you get the support you need and deserve."

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