Critical Environment Applications - Data Centers and Server Rooms

Data Centers

Data Centers and Server Rooms:

Data Centers and Server rooms have a two-fold need for SenTech monitors:  Detection of fire suppression agent leaks critical to the data center and detection of refrigerant leaks from Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) equipment.  (For applications cooled by Computer Room Air Handlers -CRAH, the associated chiller room will require a refrigerant monitor.)

Many data centers have enough refrigerant in their CRAC equipment to be considered an Industrial Occupied space by ASHRAE-15. If so, a refrigerant monitor is required to detect refrigerant leaks.  SenTech's IR-SNIF-MCD refrigerant loss monitors meet AHSRAE-15 requirements for Industrial Occupied spaces. 

Many data centers also are protected by fire suppression agents (Halon or halon substitutes such as FM200).  If so, a Supression System Guard loss monitor is useful to detect leaks in fire suppression systems.  The SSG Monitors are advanced early warning loss detection and prevention monitoring systems designed specifically for fire suppression systems.  SenTech's SSG-MCD loss monitors detect an alarm in the presence of many fire suppression agents and meet ASHRAE-15 requirements for refrigerant loss monitoring in one package. 

If only refrigerant loss monitoring is required, click on the Data Center Refrigerant Monitor System Quote link below.

If refrigerant and fire suppression agent monitoring is preferred, or only fire suppression agent monitoring is needed, click on the Data Center Fire Suppression System Guard Quote link below.

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