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SenTech Product Overview

SenTech's Infrared Monitors are advanced multi-point refrigerant detection systems designed for highly reliable performance with the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of continuous monitoring applications offering a choice of 1, 4, 8, or 16 zone detection point capability from a single field-programmable self-contained metal enclosure. The monitors utilize NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared) and pyro-electric (absorptive sensing) technology and each zone (detection location) is capable of monitoring and responding to any one of 22 refrigerants from a standard library via keypad entry. The monitors are also expandable, offering users the flexibility to change configurations or applications at a later date.

  • One, Four, Eight, and Sixteen Zone Infrared Monitors
  • Three alarm levels w/ Sampling points up to 250 ft (500 ft coverage)
  • Three relays, each w/ four (4) Form C Contact Outputs rated at 5 amps (for alarms and fan relay activation)
  • Standard 0 to 10 volt analog output (An optional 4-20ma output is available)
  • Steel NEMA 12 Type Enclosure (NEMA 4 optional)
  • Four line LCD digital display with keyboard for setup and operator interface
  • Setup function is password protected
  • Monitor is key-lock protected to prevent unauthorized access to electronics
  • Listed by ETL and conforms to UL STD 3101-1 and CAN/CSA No. 1010.1 specifications
  • Meets the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 15
  • Monitor is factory Calibrated---Automatic Electronic Re-Zeroing occurs after every air sample has been tested---No gas calibration with this model (Kit is required)
  • Delivery Time 1-2 weeks
  • Built in Options
  • 4-20ma Analog Output (Option for controls system) 
  • Individual Zone Alarm Output (1-8 per board)
  • Custom NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • High volume air draw pump for harsh environments
  • Ethernet interface with web server for remote access (coming soon)
  • Accessories
  • Combination Horn/Strobe Alarm - 120 vac 60 hz , white light
  • Combination Horn/Strobe Alarm - low voltage 24 vdc, white, blue or amber light
  • Strobe Alarm - low voltage 24vdc, white, blue, amber, green or red light
  • Power Supply - low voltage 24 vdc for low voltage alarms
  • 250ft Roll of 1/4" O D Tubing
  • Remote Reset Switch Assembly
  • Remote PPM Indicator with Reset Switch
  • Remote Hand Auto Switch Assembly - to control external devices in parallel with refrigerant monitor outputs

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