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Environmental System T-Gas MCD Multiple Channel Toxic Gas Monitors

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The Environmental System T-Gas MCDs are advanced early warning loss detection and monitoring systems designed specifically for refrigerants.


The Environmental System T-GAS MCD, Multiple Channel Detection monitors are advanced "Early Warning" active air draw sampling systems designed specifically for the monitoring of Toxic Gases.

SenTech's T-GAS MCD, Multiple Channel Detection models are cost effective, self-contained active air-draw sampling systems offering highly reliable performance with the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of continuous monitoring applications. The T-GAS Multiple Channel Detection monitors utilize Electrochemical Technology featuring multi-zone detection point capability from a single field programmable self-contained metal enclosure.

SenTech's T-GAS MCD Series utilize sensors with long-term stability, excellent selectivity, and multi-zone detection point capability from a single field-programmable self-contained metal enclosure. The T-Gas MCD multiple channel architecture is available in single, four, eight, and sixteen zones, each zone is capable of air-sampliing form up to 250 ft. for a specific gas. In addition, the T-GAS MCD Series features extra remote sensing capabilities for up to four additional remote transmitters offering an unique configuration that allow the T-GAS MCD Series to be set up as a Multi-Gas monitor for the following combination of toxic gases:





  • Multiple zones (1,4,8, 16 zones)
  • Active air draw sampling systems - Sampling distance of 250 fit (500 coverage)
  • Multiple channel architecture allows combined multiple gas detection configurations
  • Four line digital display w/keypad for programming and operaion
  • Three alarm levels (Four 5 amp contacts per relay)
  • Visual indication of alarm levels and system malfunction
  • Separate programmable horn alarm relay
  • Setup function and keypad access password protected to prevent tampering
  • 0-10 vdc analog output
  • Optional Nema 4 enclosure with keyed lock
  • Optional individual zone alarm output to indicate alarm in each zone
  • Optional four channel analog input for multiple channel detection operation
  • Optional serial data output (RS485 or RS 232)
  • Optional remote control interface


  • T-GAS 1 Series: 02,H2S,CO,Cl2,HCN,H2,NO2 (or) NO
  • T-GAS 2 Series: HCl, SO2 & ETO
  • T-GAS 3 Series: O3,F2, & NH3
  • T-GAS 4 Series: HF & ClO2
  • T-GAS 5 Series: AsH3, PH3 & SiH4


  • Calibrated test gas kit
  • Remote transmitters, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, etc
  • Strobe light, horn, strobe/horn combination
  • Zone pickup tubing


(Sensors Specific)

32 lbs, (14.4 Kgs)

Power Requirements
120/240 Volt 50/60 Hz

(Sensor Specific)

Alarm Trip Points
Low Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale
Main Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale
High Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale

Operating Environmental Range
32o - 125o Fahrenheit
0o - 50o Celsius

Alarm Outputs
Indicator Light
Alarm Relays with 4 Form C contacts
(5 amps maximum)
RS 485 or RS 232 computer interface

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