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Welcome to SenTech's Site Map. The items that are hyper-linked are in blue. The items that are in black are currently being updated or are not yet posted online, but will be soon.
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1. Home Page

1A. Company Information
1B. Product Overview

2. Products

2A. Monitoring Systems:

2A-1. IR-SNIF (HVACR Refrigerant CFC Applications)
2A-2. SSG-Critical Environments
(Halon 1301/FM200 Applications)
2A-3. Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
2A-4. Ammonia Monitors
2A-5. Carbon Monoxide Monitors

2B. Hand Held leak Detectors:

2B-1. IR-SNIF H-2000

2C. Options:

2C-1. 4-20ma analog output
2C-2. Individual Zone Alarm Output (1-8 per board)
2C-3. Custom NEMA Enclosures

2D. Accessories:

2D-1. Horn Alarm
2D-2. Strobe Alarm
2D-3. Combo Horn/Strobe
2D-4. Remote Audible Alarm silent Switch
2D-5. Remote PPM Indicator with
Audible Alarm Silent Switch

2D-6. External Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
(Single or Split-phase)

2D-7. SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
2D-8. Wall-Mounting Cabinets (SCBA)

2E. Product Brochure with Specifications:

2E-3. IR-SNIF Built-In-Options
2E-4. Accessory Alarms
2E-5. Remote Transmitters
2E-6. SCBA
2E-7. SCBA Wall Mount Cabinets
2E-8. SSG Monitors (Critical Environments)
2E-9. IR-SNIF H-2000 Hand Held Leak Detector
2E-10. Oxygen deficiency Monitor
2E-11. Ammonia Monitor
2E-12. Carbon Monoxide Monitor

3. Engineering/Technical Support

3A. Installation Layouts:

3A-1. IR-SNIF Installation Diagram
3A-2. Multizone Installation Layout
3A-3. Grocer Installation Layout

3B. Operation Manuals:

3B-1. Model IR-SNIF-MCD
3B-2. MCD Ind Zone Output Option
3B-3. MCD 4-20 mA Analog Input Option
3B-4. Model IR-SNIF
3B-5. Model SSG
3B-6. Model 1020 rev. A
3B-7. Model 1030 rev. A
3B-8. Model 1030-SII
3B-9. Model 1033-SII
3B-10. Model 1204-1208
3B-11. Model 1234
3B-12. Model 2004 rev. A
3B-13. Model 2034-38
3B-14. Model 3000

3C. Tech/Maintenance Tips:

3C-1. Maintenance Recommendation for Infrared Monitors
3C-2. Maintenance Recommendation for Ionization Monitors
3C-3. Field Service Tests and Checks for
SenTech Infrared Monitors

3C-4. Field Service Tests and Checks for
SenTech Ionization Monitors

3C-5. Factory-Direct Technical Support Services

3D. Engineering Help Guides:

3D-1. Choosing the Right Refrigerant Monitor
3D-2. A Refrigerant Monitoring Guide for
Design/Spec Engineers

3D-3. SenTech (Manufacturer) Refrigerant Monitor
Bid/Spec (Sample)

3D-4. Room Volume Considerations and
Leak Rate Calculations:

3D-4A. English
3D-4B. Metric
3D-4C. NEMA Ratings and their Definitions
3D-4D. Example (Calculation) English
3D-4E. ASHRAE web site

3E. Product Submittals:

3E-2. IR-SNIF Installation Layout
3E-3. Remote Alarm Silent Switch
3E-4. Remote PPM with Alarm Silent Switch
3E-5. Individual Zone Alarm Output Option
3E-6. SSG Monitors (Critical Environments)
3E-7. IR-SNIF H-2000 (Hand-Held Leak Detector)
3E-8. Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
3E-9. Ammonia Monitor
3E-10. Carbon Monoxide Monitor
3E-11. SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
3E-12. SCBA Wall-Mounted Cabinets

4. Purchasing

4A. Where to Buy
4B. Warranty
4C. Sales Terms

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