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1. The monitor shall be capable of being programmed per application for the selected refrigerant gas per area monitored in PPM (parts per million) concentrations.

2. The monitor shall be automatically and continuously monitor for selected multiple refrigerant gases and compare concentrations to user-settable PPM limits per areas monitored for selected gas per area.

3. The monitor shall be of infrared non-dispersive detection type technology with factory calibrated settings for all selected refrigerants.

4. The monitor shall be equipped with three (3) relays, indicator lights and digital readout. (Full range of 4-2Oma shall be optional.)

5. The monitor shall allow user to review area settings, including the current gas level reading and time the front face panel.

6 Three alarm levels shall be provided indicating "low alarm", "main alarm" and "high alarm" conditions. Thresholds for all three alarms are to be individually field adjustable.

7. There shall be three (3) relays in the monitor unit. Three (3) relays shall be available for customer connections. All relays shall be rated at; 120 VAC at 5AMP.

A. LOW ALARM: The Low Alarm relay connection shall be provided for the addition of an audible or visual warning device. This relay will "energize" in the event that an area's Low Alarm level has been exceeded

B. MAIN ALARM: The Main Alarm relay connection shall be provided for the addition of an audible or visual warning device. This relay will "energize" in the event that an areas Main Alarm level has been exceeded or a system fault or malfunction has been detected

C. HIGH ALARM: The High Alarm relay connection shall be provided for the addition of an audible/visual warning device and an exhaust ventilation fan. This relay shall "energize" in the event an area's High Alarm level has been exceeded.

8. Unit power consumption shall be less than 45 Watts maximum 120 volts AC and be capable of running on 50 to 60 HZ power supply.

9. Unit must automatically purge with fresh air for calibration verification after each area monitored and shall have field mounted tubing to clean air source.

10. Program access to be denied by key lock and pass code to prevent unauthorized personnel from disabling the device. Program will automatically reset to full function settings allowing power interruption.

11. In the event of a malfunction, the type of fault shall be displaced on the LCD display

12. The monitor will have a warranty period of one (1) year from the date of shipment from the manufacturer covering defects in material and workmanship.

13. The enclosure size shall not be more than 17 inches wide, 15 inches in length, and 7 inches deep and the weight shall be nominally 27 pounds.

14. Access-to the inside of the enclosure shall be provided through a security key lock device positioned on the monitor front panel. Wiring connections shall be through electrical knock-out ports located on the bottom and side of the enclosure.

15. The monitor system shall require no periodic maintenance other than periodic checking and replacement of filters. Periodic checking or adjustments of the unit shall be capable of being accomplished by one person at the unit location.

16. The monitor shall be of the sample draw type with an internal pump and filters to draw gas samples to the monitor from a maximum of 250 feet from each monitoring area. The system shall provide visual alarm indication when preset levels are exceeded. Relay outputs for the purpose of external alarms or control shall be provided.

17. Fittings suitable for the connection of 1/4" O.D. tubing shall be provided on the side of the enclosure of the main monitor unit for the purpose of connecting the air sample and fresh air lines.

18. The refrigerant monitor shall be ETL listed, or equivalent, for the United States and Canada and conform to UL Standards 3101-1-U.S. and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.1010.1.

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