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Introducing the IR-SNIF 1,2,3 (Single Zone) Refrigerant Loss Monitor

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The Environmental System IR-SNIF-1,2,3 are reliable low cost "Early Warning" loss detection and monitoring systems designed specifically for refrigerants.


SenTech IR-SNIF-1,2,3 monitors provide compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15.

The IR-SNIF-1,2,3 systems are based on an advanced infrared technology that can detect multiple refrigerant types at concentration levels as low as ten part per million (PPM).

Call for additional information on the IR-SNIF series and other SenTech single and multi-zone monitors.


  • Allows Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15
  • Detects all halogen based refrigerants
  • Refrigerant type can be field changed without recalibration
  • Continuous digital display of system status
  • Analog output for remote monitoring
  • System malfunction detection and indication
  • Visual alarm indication
  • Models are available to accommodate sampling points located up to 250 feet (76 meters) from unit
  • Fresh air inlet for automatic rezeroing
  • Individually adjusted alarm points for each gas type being monitored


  • IR-SNIF 1,2,3 (Single Zone w/ 3 Alarm levels)


  • Strobe light, horn, strobe/horn combination
  • Zone pickup tubing


As low as 10 PPM

16 lbs, (7.2 Kgs)

Power Requirements
120/240 Volt 50/60 Hz

0 to 1000 PPM

Alarm Trip Points
Low Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale
Main Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale
High Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale

Operating Environmental Range
32o - 125o Fahrenheit
0o - 50o Celsius

Alarm Outputs
Indicator Light
Alarm Relays with 4 Form C contacts (2 amps maximum)

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